Grey Crag and Tarn Crag from Sadgill

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By Jimearl6 on 20/10/22 at 11:06am (last edited 11/12/23 at 4:56pm)

Hills walked:
Great Howe (Longsleddale) (Birkett)
Grey Crag (Wainwright, Birkett, Hewitt, Nuttall, Fellranger, Synge, Sim, and Tump)
Tarn Crag (Sleddale) (Wainwright, Birkett, Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall, HuMP, Clem, Fellranger, Synge, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:28/09/2022
Distance:9.8 km or 6.1 miles
Ascent:517m or 1696ft
Descent:518m or 1699ft
Start OSGB:NY483056
Time taken:4:23

Two Wainwrights from the little hamlet of Sadgill at the head of Longsleddale. You are on the edge of the Lake District here and can feel it, the boggy ground and views of moorland make it feel more Pennine than Lakeland. Sadgill is lovely if a little remote and it is uphill from the start all the way to Grey Crag. Down a bit and over the bog of Greycrag tarn and then up to Tarn Crag with its survey pillar. A drop down to Mosedale, turn left and then the Gatesgarth Pass path is joined which is followed back to the start. If you would like to read more about this route please click the link

Looking up Longsleddale from Great Howe
The approach to Grey Crag
Summit of Grey Crag
Greycrag tarn
Summit of Tarn Crag
The Survey Pillar on Tarn Crag
Gatesgarth Pass back to Sadgill

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