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By TallPaul on 04/12/13 at 1:40pm

At the request of a new user we have today changed our registration process so your chosen password is not sent as part of the welcome email. However we should emphasis that this site does not use HTTPS/SSL so whatever password you enter is sent to us in plain across the Internet so the theoretical risk already exists, whether or not we send it back to you in email. If you are unhappy with that then this is not the forum for you (and indeed that's true of most other forums as few use HTTPS/SSL).

The solution, for both this and the far more common problem of password file hacks (like the recent one at Adobe for example), is to use unique passwords for every web site.

You may come up with your own method of doing this but there's lots of tools out there on the Web to help you. In the past for example I have used SuperGenPass and I now use KeePass.

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