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By TallPaul on 02/01/14 at 7:09pm

We're just about finished adding bus stops to all our walks. I'll be posting something about this to our new pages and the various social meeja later but you're getting a heads up here first.

When you load any walk now the map at the top includes the location on any bus stop in a reasonable radius of the walk. Click on a stop and you'll see something like this (example for The old Keswick Railway Line and Latrigg):

Bus stop popup shown on map when you click a stop icon

Click on the bus logo or the link and a popup will open to a web form which you can use to find a bus from where you are to the stop you've selected. The software even knows about some ferry services so, during testing, it offered me a route from Keswick to one of the Derwent Water stops via a bus/ferry combo. :)

I've tested this on Opera/Firefox/Chrome on Linux and IE8 on Windows but if you use any other browser/OS combination do shout if it doesn't work correctly (ideally with a screenshot if you can). It's "interesting" software uses some quite bleeding edge technology so I wouldn't be that surprised if fails on some combinations.

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