Image resizing (and rotating)

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By TallPaul on 01/01/20 at 4:17pm (last edited 01/01/20 at 9:46pm)

We've just uploaded an update to the forum which means that any landscape images over 810 pixels wide or portrait images over 607 pixels high are re-sized down to those sizes. This significantly reduces the data download, which is especially relevant to people browsing the forum on mobile data, as well as giving better image rendering as browsers are not great at re-sizing images.

We're also now fixing an issue where some portrait images, which were relying on the EXIF data for orientation (which browser do not support) are now automagically rotated. This means, for example, that the photo of the cows which Lakeviewlad posted in his walk report Half a horseshoe are now vertical rather than lying on their side.

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