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By rockhopper on 05/01/14 at 12:51am

Hills walked:
Maoile Lunndaidh (Munro and Yeaman)
Sgurr a' Chaorachain (Munro, Marilyn, Murdo, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Beinn Tharsuinn (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Moruisg (Munro, Marilyn, Murdo, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Sgurr Choinnich (Munro, Murdo, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Sgurr nan Ceannaichean (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, deleted Munro Top, and Tump)
Sgurr na Feartaig (Corbett, Marilyn, HuMP, High Hill of Britain, Yeaman, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:29/09/2013
Distance:41.0 km or 25.5 miles
Ascent:3071m or 10075ft
Descent:3066m or 10059ft
Start OSGB:NH039492
Time taken:29:06

Munros: Sgurr Choinnich, Sgurr a' Chaorachain, Maoile Lunndaidh, Moruisg Corbetts: Sgurr na Feartaig, Beinn Tharsuinn, Sgurr nan Ceannaichean Date: Sunday 29 and Monday 30 September 2013 Time taken: 16hrs 30mins (including stops 3hrs 45mins) Distance: 41.5km approx Ascent: 3,180m approx Attendees: me

Good weather forecast for the two days so had dinner on the Saturday night and drove up to Achnashellach. Early start on Sunday - head torch only needed for the first half hour or so after which it was light enough to see on the track south towards Pollan Buidhe.

Had originally planned to cross the Allt earlier and walk SW along the length of the ridge to Sgurr na Feartaig. However, the estate were to be stalking here the next day and had asked if I could try to avoid this route. Accordingly, changed plan to head straight for Bealach Bhearnais and a short direct ascent. Relatively low water levels made for a straightforward crossing at the wire bridge.

Easy walk on the track up to the bealach and then steeply up the hillside to the summit of Sgurr na Feartaig.

Towards Beinn Tharsuinn:

Towards Skye:

Towards Torridon:

Still quite early - dropped back down to the bealach then SW up to Beinn Tharsuinn.

A little bit further than the first Corbett but it does have good views over to Bidein a'Choire Sheasgaich.

On the way down, met a walker on his way up Beinn Tharsuinn after which he was going on to Bidein a'Choire Sheasgaich.

Back down to the bealach to pick up the track for the ascent of Sgurr Choinnich. Looked a bit rocky in places but easy enough to follow the track. The bealach is at approx 600m making it a good starting point for the hills directly off it.

Sgurr na Feartaig:

Beinn Tharsuinn:

Bidein a'Choire Sheasgaich:

Walked up Sgurr Choinnich and round the cliffs to the north.

Sgurr nan Ceannaichean:

Good view towards Sgurr a Chaorachain from here. Not much descent/renascent either.

Back to Sgurr Choinnich:

Didn't take long to get to the top of Sgurr a Chaorachain.

Now had a choice as to how to proceed towards Drochaid Mhuilich and the start of the ascent to Maoile Lunndaidh. Took a fairly direct line down and round the south side of Lochan Gaineamhach. This turned out to be quite boggy and slippery in places - probably would have been better to head more northwards from the summit then east round the north of the lochan.

Stopped for lunch and to replenish water supplies when I got to Drochaid Mhuilich.

Then headed up towards Carn nam Fiaclan after which the ground levels out quite considerably. Stopped and talked with two walkers here who had been in Kintail the day before.

It's then a nice longish walk along the plateau towards the summit of Maoile Lunndaidh.

Some views en route to the summit - down into the corrie

And surrounding hills

Got to the summit and stopped for a short break. Then on NW to descend down towards Glenuaig Lodge avoiding the cliffs to the west.

Longish walk which got boggier further down. Had been thinking that if I got down to the floor of the glen around 5pm then I'd have time to get up high on Moruisg before sunset. Otherwise I'd be camping near Glenuaig. It was now a little after 5pm so decided to go for it. However, the waterfall and stream shown on the map from Coire a' Chlaiginn down to Glenuaig looked very dry so wasn't sure whether there would be any water higher up. Filled up with an extra 2.5l of water as I crossed the glen heading for the zigzag stalkers path rising up from Glenuaig.

Looking back:

Found it harder going at this point with the extra weight but the zigzags helped significantly.

Carrying the water though turned out to be unnecessary as there was some further up. Fairly boggy ground but found a spot around 100m below the summit Moruisg - would make for an easy start the following day. Not much of a sunset from this location though.

Made dinner and early to bed. During the night the wind strengthened and was gusting on and off.

Up earlyish for breakfast.

Then headed off up the hill in the pre sunrise light to get to the top of Moruisg visiting its various cairns enroute.

Sunrise wasn't great to begin with due to low cloud then improved significantly as it got higher.

The wind was also getting a lot stronger making it seem quite a bit colder as I headed along the top towards Sgurr nan Ceannaichean.

Short descent then followed the track up to the summit. Didn't take long to get there. Good views from the top. Walked over to a second cairn just in case it was higher.

Now had a choice of descent route. Either SW down the stalkers' path to Pollan Buidhe and the main track or a more direct route NW down to Creag a' Chait and then back to the main track. Opted for the latter as this would also mean I'd be off the hill quicker in case there was any stalking.

Very strong and gusting wind made the going difficult - almost lost balance a few times. Again quite boggy with peat hags at times - also tall grass and heather hiding various holes in the ground. Further down there's a deer fence so either need to follow it round or cross it.

Although a shorter route, not sure if it would save a lot of time compared to following the path down to Pollan Buidhe. Back on the main track and a very sunny and warm walk back to the car park. Two 4x4s passed on their way up presumably for stalking.

This wee chap was singing away on the top of a nearby tree:

Back to the car not long after 11am, got changed and drove back to Glasgow.

By beth on 05/01/14 at 10:50am

Another cracking report and beautiful photies! Cheers! It's always the rub with camping when to pick up water for overnight. I don't like to carry it too far so the few times I've camped near a loch or tarn that has pretty much guaranteed to have some, and carry a filter. Particularly like the sun set and sunrise, fantastic time of the day, little wonder its the photographers 'golden hour'.

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