Loudoun Hill the easy way

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By Chris Mac on 14/09/15 at 11:37pm

Date started:07/09/2014
Distance:1.2 km or 0.7 miles
Ascent:71m or 233ft

After climbing Ballageich it was off down to near Darvel and the volcanic plug known as Loudoun Hill.

We went the "easy route" and parked at a small car park on the north side to climb the grassy side that didn't involve ropes!

Snaking along the country roads with Loudoun Hill silhouetted in the distance to the south.

The lovely Isle of Arran in the distance to the west. Hi Mum!

After crossing a field, climbing a stile, going through a small patch of woods and up the steep incline of Loundoun's North face (the Eiger this isn't! :D ) it didn't take long to reach the top. The south side of Whitelee Windfarm seen in the distance to the north with Corse Hill to the left of the horizon.

Loudoun Hill trig point looking west towards Darvel and Ayrshire.

Another angle looking west from the summit, now you can make out Arran, Goat Fell and the surrounding Corbetts of the Sleeping Warrior.

Looking down the rocky south face towards the River Irvine.

A panaoramic looking north and showing the extent of Whitlee windfarm, one of the biggest in Europe.

West facing panoramic.

A zoom shot of Arran and the Ayrshire coast in the distance. The best alternative to being on Arran is on the mainland on hills like this, getting a proper look at the profile of the island from afar.

Looking east towards Wallace's Knowe earthwork.

South towards the southern uplands with the River Irvine below.

Yvonne sitting at the trig point, an easy first choice for the album cover on Flikr!

Me sitting on the trig point.

My Walkhighlands avatar pic.

Killie pies thatta way...

We'll drive down those roads shortly and past the raised mounds where the railway once ran before turning left on to the A71.

A final shot of home before leaving...

Through the fields, past the style and a look back at Loudoun Hill. You can make out the trig point mid-left next to the middle cluster of trees near the top.

That was fairly easy, another quick win but with a spectacular view just like Ballageich earlier on in the day.

Back at the car, time to go, ciao Loudoun Hill, most rewarding.

Profile of Loudoun Hill from the west looking east.

The steep side!

Loudoun Hill from the south.

Doing both Ballageich and Loudoun Hill in one day was great and for minimum effort you get to see some spectacular views of the central belt and Ayrshire cost. We'll continue bagging some of the hills local to us before we venture further afield for bigger challenges, more stunning scenery and superb views.

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