Dunwan Hill & Knockenbeg

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By Chris Mac on 14/09/15 at 11:39pm

Date started:11/09/2014
Distance:5.5 km or 3.4 miles
Ascent:108m or 354ft
Time taken:1:30

After a recent walk up Ballageich we decided to do another quick evening jaunt up Dunwan Hill and hill fort at Whitelee Windfarm, for a bit of practice before tackling Corse Hill at the weekend.

Parking at the visitor centre, Corse Hill is somewhere in the distance and not very easy to pick out...

Onwards past the giant wind turbines with Dunwan Hill just visible on the right of the pic here:

After a few twists and turns on the track Dunwan Hill is straight ahead:

Lochgoin reservoir on the way:

Lochgoin again from the tiny Knockenbeg Hill on the way to Dunwan:

The view west from Knockenbeg:

No wonder the sheep up here look quite happy! :lol:

Continuing on to Dunwan Hill:


The view from the top of Dunwan Hill looking south towards Corse Hill:

The view east towards East Kilbride:

A panoramic shot covering the south and west:

Another panoramic shot facing east, overlooking Dunwan Dam:

A final panoramic shot facing west... the sheep are closing in, time to go, the don't like us being on their hill!

"Leave this place"! :lol:

Has anyone seen the film Black Sheep?? RUN! :shock: :lol:

Melowther Hill just across from Dunwan:

The setting sun to the west. The Eaglesham moor was much nicer when I were a lad, before the windfarm spoiled the view...

The sunset obscured by a wall of clouds which seems to happen all to frequently...

A final look back to Dunwan Hill:

Home time now, another windfarm hill done before we attempt the sub-2000 Marilyn of Corse Hill at the end of the week:

Another quick walk but the fitness is improving, next up, Corse Hill....

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