Moel y Cerrig Duon

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By pistolrider on 16/01/14 at 6:34pm

Hills walked:
Moel y Cerrig Duon (Hewitt, Nuttall, Clem, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:12/01/2014
Distance:8.5 km or 5.3 miles
Ascent:356m or 1168ft
Start OSGB:SH933238
Time taken:3:30

After a late departure from home I arrived at Lake Vyrnwy at 12.00hrs. I took the single track road from the head of the lake to the foot of Moel y Cerrig Duon, with the intention of doing 3 hills I had never been on before. these were Moel y Cerrig Duon, Foel y Geifr and Foel Goch. Things started badly and got worse as the day went on.

On the single track road there was a slight incline which had a thin coating of ice, I tried to drive up it but started to roll backwards as I had no traction. I ended up sideways across the road, a wire fence behind me and a steep bank in front of me and a sheet of ice beneath the wheels. Fortunately as I tried to manoeuvre back and forth, the weight of the engine pulled the front of the car to face downhill and I was able to drive away. About 80 mtrs down the road was a good place to park, so I left the car there. I set off for the hill, forgetting my camera, so no pictures with this report.

Well the marked footpath does not exist, so I tramped over really rough ground until I reached a fence which follows the ridge up to Moel y Cerrig Duon. Even then there was no sign of a path and the only relief was where there were narrow sheep tracks following the fence. I got to the summit and thought I may still be able to get the other two hills in before it got dark. Unfortunately the ground got even worse, at one point I had to cross a marshy area, I stood in the wrong place and the water was over the top of my gaiters. I trudged on, at 15.00hrs I realised I was not going to get near the other 2 hill so I turned back and retraced my steps.

It was getting dark as I got close to the road and I was only 30 mtrs from the car when I stood on a frozen clump of grass twisting my ankle and falling heavily on my right knee. I limped painfully to the car, realising why I had never attempted these hills before.

If you enjoy walking on well trodden footpaths........DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR THESE HILLS

By TallPaul on 16/01/14 at 7:45pm

Blimey, that sounds like a day out you won't want to repeat. Sensible decision turning back though, being benighted (what a great word that is) is well worth avoiding, especially on ground that unpleasant.

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