The Tarrens

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By SheepFarmer on 23/10/21 at 7:05pm (last edited 23/10/21 at 7:20pm)

Hills walked:
Mynydd Rhyd-galed (Dodd, Dewey, and Tump)
Mynydd Rhyd-galed East Top (Tump)
Tarrenhendre (Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall, HuMP, Clem, Sim, and Tump)
Tarren Cwm-ffernol (Dodd, Dewey, and Tump)
Ffridd-yr-Ychen (Clem and Tump)
Date started:23/06/2021
Distance:30.4 km or 18.9 miles
Ascent:1292m or 4239ft
Descent:1297m or 4255ft
Start OSGB:SH694003
Time taken:9:20

GPX file


I did this walk back in June.

The Tarrens are a range of rolling green hills that are little known & therefore frequented just North of the Dyfi estuary and it was back the end of June that I did this walk, during it I passed no others walkers but saw a couple turn down to Aberdyfi from the coast path & what were a few dog walkers in the fields near the end.

The forecast was for a reasonable day but there was a misty haze as I walked the ridge that turned to drizzle later on but it was still warm & I went in for evaporation. I didn’t go to the highest of The Tarrens, that on maps is surrounded by forestry but I could see that it had been more recently felled. The high point on my walk was Tarrenhendre from which I slowly dropped following the ridge into a valley before a short steep up the hill the other side & extending more towards Aberdyfi before turning back along the coast path

Pic 1

Near Pennal-Isaf looking ahead

Pic 2

¼ mile on & I got my first glimpse on the walk of the Dyfi Estuary

Pic 3

Deviating off path to the top of Mynydd Cefn-caer for more of a view over the snaking Afon Dyfi & the beginning of it’s estuary

Pic 4

I took the hard route straight up off path to the top of Mynydd Rhydd Galed to get the view of Tarrenhendre

Pic 5

Approaching the summit of Tarrenhendre & looking back where I’d been & the chopped by cloud summit of Tarren Y Gesail the highest one.

Pic 6

The true summit of Tarrenhendre not the larger cairn on the bend in the path

Pic 7

The false summit cairn of Tarrenhendre

Pic 8

The fence I'd been following along the ridge goes on down & then up

Pic 9

From Tarren Rhosfarch looking a bit West,

Pic 10

Looking on to Trum Gelli & it’s 2 large cairns showing even at a long distance

Pic 11

One of the massive cairns on Trum Gelli, I estimated them at 10ft high.

Pic 12

Leaving Trum Gelli summit the view on over the Bearded Lake nestled up in the hills with the estuary beyond

Pic 13

Hidden is the valley I'd to cross, with my target the hills in the mid distance

Pic 14

Having crossed the Happy Valley as it was called & looking back where I’d come on the hills on the skyline

Pic 15

As I went back up I saw more round to the hills at my start

Pic 16

From my turning point & the furthest west on my walk, the Dyfi Estuary & odd houses on the outskirts of Aberdyfi just being visible.

Pic 17

Walking the coast path part & the drizzle & mist obliterated things and continued as I went onto what's labelled the Panorama Walk on OS maps but not for me.

Pic 18

Improvements to the “path” it’s actually a green lane so probably gets 4x4’s, but I was grateful for it looking at the type of ground around me.

Pic 19

Having finished my walk I drove to Aberdyfi where I sat in my vehicle whilst eating fish & chips on the beach on the car park.

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