Up Pen Y Fan and down again

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By TallPaul on 07/04/12 at 5:13pm

Hills walked:
Pen y Fan (Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall, HuMP, County Top - Administrative, County Top - Historic, County Top - Current County and Unitary Authority, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:12/10/2008
Distance:6.4 km or 4.0 miles
Ascent:475m or 1558ft
Start OSGB:SN986200
Time taken:4:00

This, I must admit, was something of a slog, for me at least. For Beth and Jake on the other hand it was an easy walk I think, not least as I kept us going very slowly. I even missed out Corn Du out of laziness instead skirting round on the path to the east. Superb views down towards to Neuadd Reservoir from there mind you.

But we did make it to the summit, along with everyone else.

The other amusement of this walk was the bloke who ran past us up the hill, then before we reached the top ran back down past us again. As we descended we met him running up the hill again. Judging by his military T shirt he was in training for an attempt to join the SAS, apparently Pen y Fan forms part of it: as part of a 24km "tab", candidates must march over Pen Y Fan twice while carrying a 40lb bergen, rifle and water.

By Tango on 08/09/14 at 6:41pm

You will find a lot of soldiers using the Fan as part of their build up taining..Because when it comes to selection "Thats what they call it!!"..You go over the Fan about 10 times..lol....Still a nice part of the world.. Cheers Terry & Aly. :)

By rockhopper on 09/09/15 at 8:59am

sounded worth it in the end - have also been passed by a few runners in my time, just wish I was half as fit them :roll: - cheers :)

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