A Pumlumon Round

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By SheepFarmer on 25/04/17 at 12:22pm

Hills walked:
Pumlumon Fawr (Marilyn, Hewitt, Nuttall, HuMP, Clem, County Top - Historic, County Top - Current County and Unitary Authority, Sim, and Tump)
Pen Pumlumon Arwystli (Hewitt, Nuttall, Sim, and Tump)
Y Garn (Hewitt, Nuttall, Sim, and Tump)
Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan (Hewitt, Nuttall, Sim, and Tump)
Date started:02/10/2015
Distance:24.6 km or 15.3 miles
Ascent:840m or 2756ft
Descent:841m or 2759ft
Start OSGB:SN767872
Time taken:7:34

Pumlumon October 2015 additional stats - moving time - 5hr 12m

This was another mountain that I'd seen frequently but never walked, so one glorious day I bagged it and for those of you who've read my other walk reports, it was another long round day walk. It was a very peaceful wilderness type walk on which I only saw about half a dozen other people all day and away from roads & civilisation and there noise. Since this mountain is in Wales I'm using the welsh spelling.

GPS Track

Pic 1 - This was actually on my drive up to where I parked and is the Nant Y Moch reservoir and the clear skies you always hope for.

Pic 2 - How things change. The summit shelter of Pen Pumlumon Fawr when I arrived.

Pic 3 - After lunch and a nice chat, things had changed again, for the better.

Pic 4 - Nant Y Moch reservoir from the summit.

Pic 5 - Moving to the edge gave me a view down to Llyn Llygad Rheidol where I was visiting later.

Pic 6 - The cairns and landscape from Pen Pumlumon Arwystli

Pic 7 - Having walked near to the source of the River Wye I reached this - and for those who can't read Welsh it said "Source River Severn" on another side.

Pic 8 - The photo doesn't do this justice in that approaching this it looked exactly like its name "Craig Y Eglwys" suggested which is rock church.

Pic 9- Looking down upon Afon Hengwn and little did I realise what was to come.

Pic 10 - Dropping down to the river

Pic 11 - This was one of the few trees on the walk and from its shape obviously subject to the wind.

Pic 12 - Down at the river looking down its length and the surrounds give you an idea of ground conditions as I walked down its valley - Rush, clumpy grass, pure wetness plus the odd hole you found when you stepped in it and the path on the map non existent until getting near where I turned off.

Pic 13 - Cascade on the side stream it was this confluence I came down to.

Pic 14 - Llyn Llygad Rheidol with Pumlumon Fawr behind, who's waters end at the sea where I had my tea.

Pic 15 - Llyn Llygad Rheidol again. From here it was a stone vehicle track round the bottom of Pumlumon Fach back to the end.

Pic 16 - Rounding the Northern side of Pumlumon Fach the Nant Y Moch reservoir came back into view.

Pic 17 - This was actually as I drove back down from the reservoir, not an animal to mess with unless you want holes in your vehicle and they were reluctant to move.

Pic 18 - This was my tea, fish & chips on the beach at Aberystwyth and it's actually quite rare for the sun to actually go into the sea & not a layer of cloud just above.

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