Wales Coast Path New Quay to Aberarth & back

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By SheepFarmer on 25/11/21 at 12:58pm (last edited 25/11/21 at 12:59pm)

Date started:13/10/2021
Distance:28.7 km or 17.8 miles
Ascent:675m or 2215ft
Descent:677m or 2221ft
Start OSGB:SN386598
Time taken:8:28

This walk was back Mid Oct & started off pretty much where I'd left of last year. I made use of a pay & display car park with toilets by the exit. It was another fine forecast day that agin as seems to have been my luck this year not as fine as predicted but still reasonable, bar a patch of rain slightly before I'd planned to stop for lunch, but since I'd passed some shelters on the S side of Aberaeron harbour I backtracked 100yds or so & had early lunch.

GPS Track

Pic 1

Taken from the breakwater wall at Cei Newydd / New Quay showing the beach ahead I would be following outwards & how the natural bay provides shelter for boat mooring.

Pic 2

The breakwater

Pic 3

Tracks in the sand coming from the lifeboat station

Pic 4

The Narrows as I thought of it about 1/2hr after low tide & since the tide was only partly out on the way back I went inland to get by rather than reach it & have to head back.

Pic 5

Nature creating its own type of Zebra crossing with shell fragments

Pic 6

Deviating from the official coast path I stuck to the beach to round the headland at Llanina & went on a bit more on the beach, on the way out & got this view, but I turned off it before it's end & went over the hill pictured.

Pic 7

Going up the hill the view back over Llanina headland to New Quay /Cei Newydd

Pic 8

From around the top of the hill the coast ahead

Pic 9a

The Afon Drywi stream cuts through the land, thankfully crossing is easy due to the bridge...

Pic 9b then drops onto a beach when the tide is out ie on my way out..

Pic 9c

...& into the sea when the tide is in ie on my way back.

Pic 10

The cliffs & shoreline ahead

Pic 11

Looking back over the valley of the Afon Drywi that I'd just crossed

Pic 12

The inner harbour at Aberaeron with weir to keep the boats in it afloat at low tide & the reflection of the van that so struck me.

Pic 13

Looking on from the furthest point on my walk, the beach below Aberarth

Pic 14

Same place but looking back, but I'd come on the official path on top of the cliff, that offered easier going on hard ground rather than shingle beach.

Pic 15

On my way back the outer harbour at Aberaeron

Pic 16

Not your average rowing boat & the pedestrian bridge over the Afon/River Aeron

Pic 17

A full car park even out of peak season.:D

Pic 19

Looking back to Aberaeron

Pic 20

The path was blocked & they were very reluctant to move & I didn't want to use the gap behind them.

By TallPaul on 25/11/21 at 2:10pm

Hmmm ... so was that GPX uploaded to the mapping app first?

By SheepFarmer on 26/11/21 at 7:56am

I think so as I tend to upload the tracks soon after doing the walk. One obvious difference with my other tracks on recent reports is the lack of tops.

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