Written on 01/07/15 by Paul Oldham

What Other People Are Saying

We're not the only people writing about the walking related issues so we thought it was time we highlighted a couple of other posts we'd read recently which we thought were worth passing on.

How To Poo Outdoors

How To: Poo Outdoors was a post by Dan Bailey. If you've not thought about this one before going walking then you really should have done. There's a few items which never leave my pack, things like a whistle, and one of those is a the tail end of a toilet roll. I've not had to use it yet, but it's a comfort to know it's there.

The Biodegradable Experiment

This is an ongoing project by Mike Raine who teaches climbing and mountaineering in the mountains of North Wales. He works for Plas y Brenin and The Outdoor Partnership. On 9th March he put an apple core plus orange and banana skins in an open cage on the hillside to see how long it would take them to biodegrade and he's been tweeting photos of what's happening to them on a regular basis. Here's a few samples starting from day one.

Re-started the Bio-degrading experiment @PlasyBrenin today, the new day One @MtnTraining for @PAA_TOP pic.twitter.com/DIN0GcYdok

— Mike Raine (@mikerraine) March 9, 2015

A little over a month later on day 38 and the apple is gone but the banana skin, which turned black very rapidly, remains as does the orange.

Day 38 biodegradable experiment pic.twitter.com/tdzkpeHbIO

— Mike Raine (@mikerraine) April 15, 2015

And here we are 100 days later with the orange and the banana skin still surviving.

Day 100 biodegradable experiment. If you left your peel on the hill 100 days ago, it's still there! @MtnTraining pic.twitter.com/3KOspJVaN0

— Mike Raine (@mikerraine) June 17, 2015

So as Mike says: if you left your peel on the hill 100 days ago, it's still there!

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