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Tour of Britain hits Cumbria

If you are visiting the Lakes in the next few days then be aware that the Tour of Britain cycle race will be in Cumbria this Thursday and Friday (6th-7th) September. A great spectacle to see if you're so inclined but there will of course be road closures and, no doubt, congestion on open routes.

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Thursday - Cockermouth to Whinlatter TTT

Stage 5 is a short 14km stage starting in Cockermouth and heading south east, mainly on the B5292, to Whinlatter Forest west of Keswick.

If you are going to Cockermouth be aware that the Sullart Street car park in Cockermouth will be closed to the public.

The first team start at 13:00 and are expected to arrive at Whinlatter at about 13:20. The final team start at 14:00 and are expected to finish at about 14:20.

Friday - Barrow to Whinlatter

Stage 6 is a much longer stage and, as you can see from the map, will affect roads all over the western side of the Lake District.

Riders start from Barrow at 11:00 and are expected at about these times:

A rolling road closure will be enforced on each of the stages. This means roads on and around the race route will be closed for a short period in which it takes the race to pass by – usually about 10 to 15 minutes around the estimated time of arrival and indicated by police escort vehicles.

The route is marked with yellow advanced warning signs in the run up to The Tour. Please don't park on the route on the day: if necessary vehicles may have to be removed.

There will be an advance vehicle 15 minutes ahead of the race, keeping you up-to-date with what is happening in The Tour.

Please keep children back from the edge of the road and animals on a lead, away from the roadside. Riders pass by very fast, and while the tour encourage support, please keep flags, objects and photography equipment out of the road. Remember, taking selfies is fun, but turning your back on the race is never a good idea. Please face the oncoming riders and race convoy at all times.

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