Written on 08/04/13 by Paul Oldham

New Photo Gallery

As Beth walks the hills searching out new walks for you she takes a lot of photos, which then turn up in our walks. We've already uploaded well over 1,000 photographs and that's going to continue to rise so we thought that as an alternative way to view the photos we should add a gallery to the site.

We've now done that and you can find it here. Each pin shows you where the subject of one or more photos is located. Click on the pin to see the photos. For example if you click on the pin labelled with a "4" on Fleetwith Pike it will show you all the photos taken of there including this one, the iconic picture of Jessie which is the logo of this site.

Fleetwith Pike

For any photo which is featured in a walk we list with the photo the walks it's featured in. And we're also tagging photos, so for example you can see all photos featuring juniper bushes or all photos featuring waterfalls.

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