Ling Fell

Ling Fell is one of two at the northern tip of Wainwright's North Western Fells. The other is Sale Fell. Marginally higher than its near neighbour the best views are still to the north west overlooking Cockermouth, and on a clear day to the Galloway hills in Scotland. Being the higher of the two, the Ordnance Survey thought it important enough to decorate the summit with a trig point.

Ling Fell's slopes are predominantly grass making way for heather as height is gained.

Part of the route uses a 'corpse road', these old tracks and paths were used to take the deceased to the nearest church with a cemetery.

Parking at the bottom of the fell, above Eskin, there are a couple of narrow muddy pull-ins. Alternatively there is a small parking area beside Brumston Bridge.

Whilst we give you separate walks to Ling Fell and its near neighbour Sale Fell the two could be walked in one hit, so to speak. The small parking area at Brumston Bridge, centrally, being the key.