Beda Fell from Martindale

Beda Fell is a tongue of high ground just to the east of Place Fell separated by Boredale - the valley from which Boredale Hause is named. It can be included with a visit to Angletarn Pikes but this makes for quite an out and back on an already long walk. A further option is to climb it directly from the very pretty area of Martindale - which is what we do here. This is quite a popular little walk.

There are two small laybys at Martindale Hause, often just called The Hause, above the zigzags opposite the church of St Peters in Martindale. Parking by the 'old church' seems to be discouraged by farming implements these days. Alternatively rather than drive in along the narrow road along the back of Ullswater you can take the Steamer service to the pier at Howtown. From there it is a short walk up the steps to a terraced path on the side of Hallin Fell.