A Fusedale Round: Steel Knotts, Loadpot Hill, Arthur's Pike, Bonscale Pike

Fusedale is a valley in the Far Eastern Fells above Howtown on the eastern shore of Ullswater. Away from the tourist through routes it tends to be a quiet area which, given the paucity of car parking, is probably a good thing. The fells here are generally grassy with outcrops of rock, or mosses, as you will discover on this engaging walk.

Starting the walk at Martindale Hause, near the church of St Peter, the climbing soon starts. However, whilst the going is steep, the amusingly named Pikeawassa is soon climbed and the views over Ullswater and the valleys of Martindale open up. Following a wide grassy ridge south you pass over Brownthwaite Crag and Gowk Hill. Then another climb on a terraced path onto the Roman Road of High Street. Turning to the north Wether Hill and Loadpot Hill are an easy walk over grass and moss rich upland. Many paths cover this remote area so a close eye on the map and compass is needed. Arthur's Pike is reached after an easy, if most damp part, of the walk. It is situated to the north of Swarth Beck which drains this area. Bonscale Pike can be seen to the south west across the deep ravine carved by the beck. It's two well built towers are visible on the steep north west side. A direct line between the two is impractical, heading a little further upstream it may be crossed easily at ruins marked on the OS 25K map as "Sheepfold". Bonscale Pike's towers are impressive given their height and the precarious position on the edge of crags. Skirting these crags and traversing well below the towers you get a fantastic outlook as you descend steep grass slopes to Mellguards above Howtown. From there it is an easy if slightly uphill walk back to the Hause.

Parking in and around Howtown is severely limited. There is an informal parking spot on the zigzags climbing to Martindale Hause, and a couple more at the top on The Hause. The Ullswater Steamer service may also be used but beware of the timings so you don't miss the last boat.