Troutbeck Tongue

Troutbeck Tongue nestles between Trout Beck and Hagg Beck splitting the valley of Troutbeck like a wedge as you look to its head of Threshthwaite Mouth. It is of modest height and its position far into the valley makes for an anticipatory walk in. Glimpses can be seen through the trees and hedgerows but it isn't until quite close that its complete profile may be seen. Then you wonder how it can be climbed. A direct ascent can be made of the steep nose of the fell, albeit with a little detour because of a wall blocking the way, and is quite straightforward. It is just steep and in summer the path plays 'peek-a-boo' under waist high bracken. Views from its summit are not expansive being limited by substantially higher surrounding fells, except back down the valley to slightly west of south. Windermere then being the main interest.

Starting on the outskirts of the village of Troutbeck, this walk takes a meandering route, passing the church and near to the popular walkers' hostelry of The Mortal Man, to avoid too much walking alongside the A592. Then linking various paths and quiet roads through pastoral scenery to the base of the Tongue. after a good steep but short climb the summit is gained. Returning along a Roman road, a low-level part of the famous High Street, there are more views into and across the valley. After only a short section along the pavement beside the A592 the car park is just a step or so away.

The church in Troutbeck is unusual for being called Jesus Church as they are usually named after patron saints.

A small informal parking area just 50m (55 yards) down the back road near church bridge is the most appropriate starting point and has space for approximately 6 cars.