Red Screes and Middle Dodd from Ambleside

Red Screes and Middle Dodd sit right next to the Kirkstone Pass from where a direct assault is tempting. However an "assault" it would be for the slopes are steep, and littered with crags and scree. A better approach lies in the Scandale Pass from Ambleside with a return on the long southerly ridge to make a fine circular walk.

This approach may for some have a slight sting in its tail: to visit Middle Dodd requires a short section of off-piste 'make it up as you go along' exploration. To most folk it should really add to the attractions, giving some stunning views, and makes an excellent change from simply path following all the time.

It is worth driving up The Struggle from Ambleside to see the red stained screes from which the fell is named.

Parking in Ambleside is reasonably plentiful although it does get busy at holiday times. There is the main car park above the town centre on the A591 towards Rydal. And for longer stays the Miller Field car park at the bottom end of town is large and often has space when the other has filled up. There are another couple of smaller car parks dotted around too.