Slight Side from Wha House, Eskdale

Slight Side sits as the last battlement on the Scafell massif's southern ridge. A typical boulder strewn summit area is topped by a small collection of stones on the highest outcrop. To the north the ridge continues to Scafell, and then across Mickledore to Scafell Pike. South the ridge falls quickly to boggy moorlands before tumbling into Eskdale.

To climb to Slight Side with anything else invites a long and tiring journey. However, the route starting from near Wha House in Eskdale is surprisingly simple, has mostly gentle gradients, and delivers an excellent walk well above the expectations of a linear walk. The sting in the tail is that the final climb to Slight Side's summit is steep and the last bit is quite a clamber over boulders. Dubbed by Wainwright as The Terrace Route, the views down to Brotherikeld and across to Hard Knott persuade you to just sit on a rock and take in the surroundings a while. A fine day helps with this of course!

Opposite Wha House Farm is a small gravel car park with room for perhaps half-a-dozen well parked cars.