A very short walk to Hard Knott and Border End

It feels something of a cheat to climb Hard Knott from the top of the pass, but Wainwright does suggest it in his Southern Fells book so we're not going to argue. It is still worth following his route as little has changed over the intervening years, and some of the perhaps modern short-cuts cross some very wet boggy areas.

The Eskdale Needle(1), marked on the OS 25K map, is a rock pinnacle overlooking the Eskdale valley. It is hidden from above by its parent rather plain looking crag. Catch it side on and the pinnacle appears. We'll point out on the walk instructions from where you can see it.

Driving over Hardknott and Wrynose passes is quite an adventure in itself. Some people refuse to no matter how nice the weather, which is a shame as the road goes through some wild and beautiful countryside. In winter they are not gritted, and seldom ploughed, snow can close them for some time. Even without snow a frosty morning, or ice, makes them dangerous. Steep slopes, and even steeper hairpins, especially the one above the Roman fort coming from the Eskdale side, need bags of common sense and first gear!

Very close to the top of the pass on the Wrynose side is a small informal parking area fit for a couple or three cars. Another pull-in on the Eskdale side might manage two cars. Further down the pass extended passing places might fit a car in if you're desperate.