Hugil Fell and Reston Scar above Staveley

The village of Staveley, between Kendal and Windermere, is best known as the gateway to Kentmere and the long journey over the fells surrounding the River Kent. Smaller fells are passed-by with nary a thought. Yet Hugill Fell (Wainwright summit) has fine panoramic views from its small but well built summit cairn, as does Reston Scar which overlooks Staveley and the A591.

In Wainwright's day a walk including both fells was difficult. Tall well built stone walls separated the fells with no right of access, or indeed gates to sneak through, so each had to be visited individually. Now kissing gates have been installed in the walls allowing access, a clear path connects them. Someone had the final laugh though as the winding path seems to find all the boggy patches!

Conveniently a small parking area on the Kentmere road just north of Barley Bridge can take 8 cars or so making it a good starting point for this short walk.