Bowscale Tarn - Tarn of the Immortal Fish

According to local boy Wordsworth there are two immortal fish in Bowscale Tarn, and one of them can speak! Of course he was a pretty good story teller, but who knows maybe there is...

Bowscale Tarn is set in a fantastically remote setting. Hemmed in by crags, its outfall, Tarn Sike, just manages to escape the great moraine ridge dam holding back the tarn. Much of the route is a bridleway, a pony track built for the gentrified Victorians, starting from the hamlet of Bowscale in the parish of Mungrisedale between Keswick and Penrith. There is a small car parking area on the right hand side of the road just before it turns sharp right between the houses.

Apparently the tarn is quite a good depth, about 17m.

As a high mountain tarn the weather can change quite dramatically as it ably demonstrated whilst surveying this walk: going from a bit cloudy to full on hail storm in moments!