Grisedale Tarn

Nestling high in the mountains at the head of three valleys in a great scoop Grisedale Tarn has an atmospheric setting. Squeezed by the southern guardian of the great Helvellyn ridge - Dollywaggon Pike to its north, and the bulks of Fairfield and Seat Sandal to the south, its outflow treks north east through the long valley of Grisedale to the village of Patterdale.

Our walk cheats a little by starting higher on the other side at Dunmail Raise, where according to history, or is it legend, a great battle was fought in 945AD between the Saxon King Edmund and Celtic King Dunmail. Dunmail was killed and his crown taken up the steep path alongside Grisedale Beck and cast into the tarn lest it fall into Saxon hands, never to be seen again. It was said the crown was enchanted and gave the wearer a right to the Kingdom of Cumberland.

There is a layby complete with old fashioned AA box just over the top of the pass towards Ambleside with space for a few cars.