Allan Bank Woodland Walk

Formally the home of William Wordsworth, owned by the National Trust, Allan Bank has only been open to the public since springtime 2012. The previous year a fire badly damaged a wing of the building with water and smoke affecting much of the rest. Renovation continues whilst it is open. The house and grounds overlook the village of Grasmere.

During the winter and spring of 2012/13 the Rangers created a short but interesting woodland trail. This is well marked by posts with a red band, or by the path simply being lined with logs.

Parking at the house is limited to disabled folk only. There are numerous car parks down in the village, as well as a regular bus service. The 555 between Ambleside and Keswick comes through, as does the 599 open-top summer service from Bowness.

The long driveway to Allan Bank starts opposite the village green immediately to the left of the Miller Howe Cafe. Take the lane, cross the cattle grid or take the gate on the left, and into the grounds. Follow the driveway up the slope and through the gate to the house.