Raven Crag, Castle Crag and The Benn

This is a compact little walk, the climbing starts right away at the edge of the road and heads upwards on a narrow path almost immediately into the trees. Quickly the road is forgotten, and the adventure begins.

Wainwright was rather down on Castle Crag and The Benn. We're not sure why. Admittedly they are not the highest or most exciting places in the Lakes, and the fort is long gone, but they have their charms. The faint path to The Benn from the forest road is a gentle meander under low lichen covered trees and through mossy hollows to a fine little summit above the tree tops where the views are fabulous.

There is a small pay and display car park at the junction on the west side of the Thirlmere dam, and a layby just around the corner directly opposite the start of the walk.

Since we last did this walk we've had reports that a few things have changed. The track up from the road has been resurfaced and there's a couple more forestry tracks going across it. The summit of Raven Crag has had work done with steps, a boardwalk and a viewing platform added.

All of these shouldn't change the walk, and indeed may make it better but at step 3 our correspondent couldn't find the "faint path climbing the hillside" to The Benn. They wondered whether a new deer fence has meant that people can no longer use it.

We will resurvey this walk as soon as we can but in the meantime we welcome more reports, especially about the path to The Benn.