Raven Crag and Castle Crag beside Thirlmere

This is a steep little walk where the climbing starts straight from the road, heading upwards on a rough path through the trees. Quickly the road is forgotten, and the adventure begins.

The view down Thirlmere reservoir from Raven Crag is superb and well worth the effort to get up there.

Castle Crag was the site of a small iron-age hill fort perched on the sandstone outcrop. Traces of its defensive ditch and earthen bank have long been lost under the heather and bracken. It's a seemingly forgotten viewpoint, its narrow path betraying that most people only head for its neighbour Raven Crag.

The walk starts at a layby on the back of Thirlmere road. Approach from the Keswick end as the dam road is currently closed as is the middle of the minor road alongside the reservoir.