Written on 26/04/17 by Paul Oldham

More Improvements to our Mapping

Here at WalkLakes our programme of improving our mapping, which is used in our walk maps and other places, continues and we've put a new release on the site today.

In the Lake District there's lots of minor amendments as people continue to update the OpenStreetMap data from which some elements are derived but the most significant change is that we've now added a lot of long distance paths around the British Isles.

For example previously in the Lake District we only had the Cumbria Way. Now we have the remaining parts of the Cumbria Coastal Way, and the Coast to Coast Walk.

For the Cumbria Way we also have the bad weather alternative route marked, as the map below illustrates:

New waymaps: Cumbria Way alternate

Coming up from Keswick in the south when you reach Skiddaw House (see step 2 of our description of this section of the Cumbria Way) the main path heads north east (step 3) but there's an alternative route north west.

Outside the Lake District we've been doing work more generally too. We've added the locations of the tops of all of the Furths, hills over 3000 feet outwith Scotland, (which in Wales are also called the Welsh 3000s), using red markers. Below you can see the bulk of the Irish Furths shown:

New waymaps: Irish mountains and LPD

In addition you can see some Hewitts marked. Hewitts are the equivalent of Corbetts outwith Scotland, so we've used blue markers as we do for Corbetts in Scotland.

This map image also illustrates long distance paths again with the Kerry Way shown.

The other thing this second image shows is that we have now added grid lines to our Irish maps. This is a more complicated issue than you might think as Ireland has two grid systems but we support both in our mapping application if you are logged in.

Our programme of improvements to our mapping continues, along with regular releases to pick up changes from our data sources so you can look forward to more improvements in future.

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