Grike, Crag Fell, Lank Rigg

At the south western end of Ennerdale Water lie the three Wainwright fells of Grike, Crag Fell and Lank Rigg. Characteristicly these are of modest height with rolling grasslands and occasional stands of conifers - some of which have been felled. Any poorly drained depressions gather peat and water which in wet conditions will not be much fun.

Crag Fell is a little more interesting than the others. It overlooks Ennerdale Water, the summit cairn stands a little back from the edge, but the view from a small knoll just below looks down much of the length of the valley. Further down towards the water a number of pinnacles stand just below Revelin Crag. It is preferable to climb up to them at least for the first visit as they aren't particularly obvious and the ground is steep down to the col with Anglers Crag.

It's worth noting that on the return from Lank Rigg, along the valley of Whoap Beck, there are two fords to cross. Normally these wouldn't be an issue, but during rain and for some time afterwards they are likely to be in spate making the crossing precarious if not dangerous.

The walk starts above Ennerdale Bridge on the road over Cold Fell. At NY060138 there is some informal rough parking at the end of a track over Scaly Moss.