Red Screes from Kirkstone Pass

Red Screes overlooks the top of Kirkstone Pass presenting to the inn on the opposite side of the road its steep eastern face riven by crags and tongues of red hue scree. A way through seems unlikely, but there is a path winding amongst the crags, climbing steep rough rocky steps, that makes its way to the trig point at the summit.

As you climb the view opens out behind you to the ridge of Wansfell and Wansfell Pike with Windermere seemingly shy behind it. When you eventually reach the top an all round panorama is revealed.

Kirkstone Pass is named somewhat literally after a large stone that has a church like profile on the Patterdale side of the pass. Kirk is an old Norse word for church.

The geology of Red Screes is quite complicated. However we've noticed these red stained rocks are often associated with intrusions, where magma is pushed up through weaknesses in the bedrock, that when eroded by glaciation and weather often form these fragile screes. You'll notice the same thing at Red Pike, and at Mickledore between Scafell and Scafell Pike.

There is a large car park at the top of the pass, opposite the inn. The 508 bus service between Windermere and Carlisle goes over the pass.