Brock Crags and Angletarn Pikes circular walk from Hartsop

Hartsop set in the Far Eastern Fells district just across the road, figuratively speaking, from Patterdale. Between the two villages lies Angle Tarn, its Pikes and other knotted crags form an encircling ring of high ground which in mist makes for quite an atmospheric place. The walk starts by making the short climb towards Hayeswater. Before 2014 it was used as a reservoir. During that year's summer the dam was dismantled. The footbridge near the dam was moved to beside the ford, crossing Hayswater Gill about 200m (220 yards) downstream and connecting up to the old bridleway.

Climbing the wet fellside above the tarn affords some wonderful views back down, and across to the Helvellyn range across Hartsop. Brock Crags (Wainwright) and Angletarn Pikes are also excellent viewpoints. Dropping down the other side to Boredale Hause the route swings back towards Hartsop on part of the 'pipeline track'. The Hause is a quite complicated and spread out crossing point, but our path is easily followed and quite distinctive. The village is then an easy stroll back.

Whilst this is quite a short walk, suitable for short winter days when there is little snow about, or an ideal introduction to the area, it is surprisingly rough. The boggy nature of some paths take appreciable time and effort, and others are very rough requiring care on each footfall.

There is a word of caution that should be heeded here. During the summer months Charolais/Limousin cows and calves live in the fields on the way to the reservoir and in the Pasture Beck valley. Apparently this cross-breed of cattle can be rather aggressive. Do not approach them at all even without a dog. They are a dairy breed who spend much of the year confined to sheds and are not used to walkers being in their fields.

The car park in Hartsop is at the end of the public road. Continue through village and go through a narrow pinch point between buildings to the rough car park. A donations box is beside the gate.