A Journey from Dungeon Ghyll over the Fells to Ambleside

We thought it was time to do something slightly different from our usual walks, so we came up with a journey amongst the fells. Starting from the New Dungeon Ghyll, follow Dungeon Ghyll up towards its source amongst the Langdale Pikes. Visit Harrison Stickle and Thunacar Knott, and then joining the long south east spur from High Raise walk the length of the ridge all the way back to Ambleside.

Its purpose; to watch the changing scenery, from the pastures of the Langdale valley floor, up through rich green summer bracken to the rough and grey volcanic tuff of the Pikes. Then joining the gradually descending ridge of Blea Rigg you walk back through bog, heather, and more rock, into bracken lands again. Along the way if you feel like it there are a number of small Birkett tops you can visit, but these aren't obligatory. The steep climb over Loughrigg Fell comes as rather a shock after such a long gentle descent, but it's the termination of the ridge and has its own great views. On the other side you also descend easily into the heart of Ambleside via Rothay Park whilst encountering the least amount of tarmac road. So a rather fine journey.

Escape routes

It is possible to escape from Blea Rigg back to Langdale by taking one of the paths back to Stickle Tarn, then descend Stickle Ghyll back to New Dungeon Ghyll. Alternatively there is a path descending to Easedale Tarn via Belles Knott, but there is a short section of rocky down scramble which is often wet and slippery from the boggy fellside. Further along Blea Rigg you can turn off and descend into Easedale in a number of places, and from there into Grasmere. If you reach Red Bank road above Grasmere, you can obviously walk into the village, or continue along Loughrigg Terrace then the track past Rydal Cave to follow the Underloughrigg road back to Ambleside.

Parking, and getting to Langdale

The walk starts at New Dungeon Ghyll where there is a large National Trust car park, a pub and hotel. If there is a group of you, parking a car at either end is an option. We really envisage you starting from Ambleside, where there are various parking options, and taking the 516 bus into Langdale.