A visit to Cathedral Cavern from Tilberthwaite

A cavern deep in the woods, hewn out of the rock during the search for slate. A sloping pillar, rather like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, holds the roof of the cavern up. A pool of water that's cold as ice even on a warm summer's day, lies to one side. A window high on the side provides a little soft light, and gives a view down onto a largely historic industry. This is Cathedral Cavern.

The most dramatic way into the cavern is as the miners would have done, via a 100m (110 yards) long dark and damp tunnel. After the tunnel and a little scrambling over rock debris you find yourself in an open to the sky pit. Over to the right is the window into the main cavern. Scrambling down a short smooth rock step brings you to another much shorter tunnel which then takes you into the Cathedral itself.

Bring a torch, preferably a head-torch, you will not be able to walk through the tunnel without one.

This walk starts at the small parking area at Tilberthwaite just north of Coniston village.