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By TallPaul on 09/03/23 at 2:21pm

As you may have gathered we have had some problems with our web site this week.

What happened is that we lost our web (and mail!) server sometime in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning and it took us all of that day and into the night to get most of it back online.

We did post updates on Facebook, Mastodon, and Twitter as this progressed and we do this on the, thankfully rare, occasions when we have problems so do check there if you ever find this site down.

The site was online by about 9pm although it took until Wednesday morning to get 'view in 3D' working on both walks and in the GPS mapping app and Wednesday evening to get up to date weather forecasts displayed.

Some things are still a bit "fragile". In particular we are aware that if you look in your log book some stats are still not shown, although things there are getting better. We are pretty confident that the data is there, it's just that the software needs upgrading to be compatible with the new server and we continue to work on that.

In closing can I thank you everyone for their supportive emails through this episode.

By Lancashire Lad on 21/03/23 at 4:38pm

Hello Paul,

I don't know if you are already aware of this, or whether it has occurred due to the recent server problems, but numerous strange "formatting" codes have appeared in several of the posts towards the bottom of this topic: -

I haven't spotted any other topics showing the same problem, so not sure if it's a one-off, or whether it might be some sort of site-wide glitch.


By TallPaul on 21/03/23 at 9:15pm

Hi Mike, thanks for highlighting this. It's a site wide glitch. It renders correctly on our test system:

... but not on live. It's going to be something to do with those double quotation marks being Unicode rather than ASCII if that means anything to you? I have a note somewhere which I wrote to myself a long while ago about needing to investigate this. Seems like I need to step up and do that now. :?

By TallPaul on 25/03/23 at 5:39pm

OK, after a long struggle I think this is now fixed.

As an added bonus fixing this also allowed me to finally get emoticons working so here's a random selection for your amusement:


😂 🤡 🍆 🐧 ☔ 🚂 🇺🇦

By leedrich on 01/04/23 at 2:23pm

Hi Paul, not sure if this is a hangover from the server restoration and well done for getting it up quickly.

Some hills are showing the html coding instead of a correctly rendered page. E.g. Great Gable and Green Gable's hill pages.



By TallPaul on 01/04/23 at 9:50pm

Thanks for alerting me to this. Now fixed.

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