Scafell Pike via the Corridor Route from Wasdale

The "Corridor Route" is a section of path usually used on the route to Scafell Pike from Seathwaite in Borrowdale, but it also makes a fantastic and more interesting alternative to the usual routes from Wasdale which go via Hollow Stones. It runs between the Borrowdale and Wasdale crossing point of Sty Head and Lingmell Col below Scafell Pike. It traverses below the dramatic crags of Great End and Broad Crag, across deep gills, and through corries linked by sections of terrace. Much of the path has been stone pitched so is straightforward to follow even in mist. A short rocky down-climb into a ravine below Great End is the last remaining 'difficulty' which may give cause for concern. The other notorious problem was crossing the head of Piers Gill, the eroded path has been repaired and you can now look straight down the dramatic gill from its head without sliding into it. An alternative ending to the route, sometimes used in descent, is to take the turning to Broad Crag Col. This path is steep and of loose scree to the col, you also miss out the dramatic Piers Gill. Hence, we take the traditional route to Lingmell Col though it means breaking the overall circular nature of the route.

The summit of Scafell Pike is a giant boulder field of shattered rock of the Borrowdale Volcanics which vary in size from small stones to large boulders scattered over the top and down around the sides. Cairns mark meandering paths searching for the easiest way through the agglomeration and go off in all directions making it a particularly confusing place especially in cloud, darkness, or poor conditions. Which regularly sees Wasdale MRT going off to retrieve lost people.

This area is especially popular with many thousands of visitors. So please keep to the paths, avoid the edges of stone pitching as that damages the foundations, and above all please do not shortcut zigzag paths - they are built to reduce unsightly erosion scars. Going off-path is better done elsewhere.

The walk starts from the Wasdale Head village green where there is currently free parking.