Yewbarrow may only be just over the magic 2000ft often used as a yard stick to be called a "mountain" but it certainly requires mountain like effort and its situation on the side of Wast Water makes it a fantastic viewpoint for much of the Western Fells and beyond. It is sometimes included as part of the Mosedale Horseshoe - a fine long walk over the fells surrounding the Mosedale valley. Its lower slopes are thick with bracken in the summer, particularly in the valley to its west containing Over Beck. Fluffy black Galloway cattle can also be found in the valley, hefted to the fell and all the way to Dore Head. Its name comes from the distinctive 'upturned hull of a boat' or barrow shape seen from alongside Wast Water, and apparently yew trees grew on its slopes long ago.

Steep crags at either end provide a good challenge for most walkers. Stirrup Crag(1) at the northern end is feared by many walkers, including this one who prefers not to leave a trail of blood down the crag, unlike Wainwright who apparently did. An interesting side path can be used to bypass the crags which in any case would be recommended in poor weather, or for those folk who don't fancy the down climb. It is a fine path in its own right which is why we have used it for this walk.

There is a small car park beside Overbeck Bridge where the walk starts.