Mellbreak and Scale Force

Quite a tough, isolated, little hill, requiring on this walk some concerted effort to climb the steep scree on the north west slope. Wainwright describes this tongue of scree as "laborious", it's very loose and in places small rock avalanches can take away a good deal of one's efforts. That said, it's rather good! Exhilarating even, without the terror of the vertical world of the climber and with handy clumps of heather to keep upward progress going albeit quite slowly.

Scale Force is an impressive waterfall at the far end of this walk. The main drop which can be reached by a bit of a scramble over rocks at the entrance of the ravine and is 52m (57 yards) high. It is thought to be the highest in the Lake District.

There is little parking around Loweswater village itself. At the telephone box there is space for a couple of cars or so, and at Church Bridge another half-dozen may squeeze in although recent reports suggest this may be blocked off at the moment. However, there are two car parks on the outskirts: at Maggie's Bridge with space for 10 cars. And another much bigger car park but slightly further at Scalehill Bridge/Lanthwaite Wood. Parking at Kirkstile Inn is for patrons only.