All Wainwright Outlying Fells

This is a table of all of the 116 Wainwright Outlying Fells currently in our database.

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Name Height
Bannisdale Fell - Long Crag493m
Beacon Fell255m
Bigland Barrow193m
Black Combe600m
Blawith Knott248m
Boat How337m
Brant Fell191m
Brunt Knott427m
Buck Barrow549m
Burn Moor543m
Caermote Hill289m
Carron Crag314m
Claife Heights270m
Clints Crags (Wainwright summit)245m
Cold Fell293m
Cunswick Scar207m
Dunnerdale Fells280m
Faulds Brow344m
Fewling Stones509m
Finsthwaite Heights180m
Flat Fell272m
Great Ladstones440m
Great Saddle Crag560m
Great Stickle305m
Great Worm Crag427m
Great Yarlside591m
Green Pikes420m
Gummer's How321m
Hampsfell (Wainwright summit)220m
Hare Shaw503m
Harper Hills420m
Hesk Fell478m
Heughscar Hill375m
High House Bank495m
High Knott275m
High Light Haw263m
High Wether Howe531m
Hollow Moor426m
Hugh's Laithes Pike419m
Hugill Fell (Wainwright summit)265m
Humphrey Head53m
Irton Pike229m
Kinmont Buck Barrow535m
Knipescar Common341m
Lamb Pasture367m
Langhowe Pike401m
Little Yarlside518m
Lord's Seat (Crookdale)524m
Low Light Haw250m
Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag231m
Nabs Moor493m
Naddle High Forest435m
nameless (Bannisdale Horseshoe - Ancrow Brow N)541m
nameless (Green Quarter)413m
nameless (Naddle Horseshoe - 3)395m
nameless (Potter Fell - 1)395m
nameless (Potter Fell - 2)390m
nameless (School Knott)247m
nameless (Top o' Selside - Brock Barrow)221m
Newton Fell North237m
Newton Fell South177m
Orrest Head238m
Ponsonby Fell315m
Raven's Barrow152m
Raven's Crag361m
Reston Scar255m
Robin Hood492m
Rough Crag (Birker Moor)319m
Scalebarrow Knott338m
School Knott232m
Scout Scar (Wainwright summit)233m
Seat How (Birker Moor)311m
Seat Robert515m
Sleddale Pike506m
St. John's Hill285m
Stainton Pike498m
Staveley Fell265m
Stickle Pike375m
Stoupdale Head472m
Swinklebank Crag554m
Tarn Hill313m
The Forest528m
The Knott284m
The Knott (Stainton Fell)331m
The Pike370m
Todd Fell401m
Top o' Selside (Wainwright summit)334m
Tottlebank Height236m
Ulthwaite Rigg502m
Wallow Crag433m
Walna Scar621m
Wasdale Pike565m
Watch Hill235m
Watch Hill255m
Water Crag305m
Whatshaw Common490m
Whitbarrow - Lord's Seat215m
White Combe417m
White Howe (Bannisdale)530m
White Pike (Birkby Fell)442m
Whiteside Pike397m
Woodend Height489m
Wool Knott223m
Yew Bank207m

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