Our aim at WalkLakes is to help you make the most of walking in the Lake District. We do that by searching out the best walks we can find. Here's all our walks, along with some statistics and the date we last walked them.

TitleLength (km)Ascent (m)Date
A circuit of Grasmere  6.0952012-08-14
A Fusedale Round: Steel Knotts, Loadpot Hill, Arthur's Pike, Bonscale Pike  14.37332014-05-05
A Journey from Buttermere to Keswick  20.612612015-10-10
A Journey from Dungeon Ghyll over the Fells to Ambleside  18.411072015-06-15
A longer walk over Bakestall and Skiddaw  16.88902013-09-27
A Mosedale Horseshoe  17.411042014-09-17
A Riggindale Round  13.08242014-07-12
A Scout Scar Amble  4.2782014-02-19
A short sharp walk to Gummer's How  2.31182014-02-26
A Short Stroll to Lodore Falls  1.7582013-02-02
A Short Walk From Ashness Bridge to High Seat  6.24302013-09-13
A short walk to Friar's Crag from the Moot Hall, Keswick  2.9292015-02-02
A short walk to Hart Side from Park Brow  10.05382014-03-13
A short walk to Spout Force  1.1312013-03-11
A Short Walk to The Bowder Stone  1.6762013-01-18
A Shorter Coledale Round  14.910012013-05-30
A stroll around Tarn Hows   3.1662012-09-03
A stroll to Holm Wood beside Loweswater  3.8662013-11-07
A very short walk to Hard Knott and Border End  3.21912014-09-11
A visit to Cathedral Cavern from Tilberthwaite  6.01992016-01-13
A visit to Place Fell overlooking Ullswater  7.45462013-04-28
A Walker's Blencathra  13.08602012-03-26
Aira Force and Gowbarrow Fell  5.93472012-09-09
Alcock Tarn  6.03062012-08-15
Allan Bank Woodland Walk  1.1602013-11-14
An Ambleside Waterfalls Wander - Stockghyll Force and Blue Hill Wood  5.12732013-02-07
An Elterwater Stroll  6.01232013-02-16
Around Buttermere  7.5672012-09-23
Around Derwent Water  15.71762013-02-11
Around Hayeswater Reservoir  8.03312014-01-16
Barf, Lord's Seat, Ullister Hill and Seat How  8.06002012-04-20
Base Brown, Green Gable, Great Gable and Seathwaite Fell  11.710142013-09-10
Beda Fell from Martindale  6.13872014-04-08
Binsey  3.01902012-06-13
Birk Crag, Harrop Tarn and Blea Tarn  6.24192013-03-13
Birks and Arnison Crag  7.95262013-11-12
Blea Tarn above Langdale  3.0812013-03-14
Bleaberry Tarn above Buttermere  5.04062012-09-23
Bleaberry Tarn, Red Pike, and Dodd  7.27252012-10-15
Blencathra via Hall's Fell Ridge  8.57502012-06-12
Bowfell, via Worneyside Force, Hell Gill, and the Great Slab  13.68612015-10-13
Bowscale Fell  8.35012012-04-18
Bowscale Tarn - Tarn of the Immortal Fish  5.52402012-06-09
Branstree and Selside Pike from Mardale Head  8.65512012-02-29
Brant Fell above Bowness-on-Windermere  3.41372014-02-20
Brock Crags and Angletarn Pikes circular walk from Hartsop  12.25792014-01-19
Burnbank Fell, Holme Force and the woods  10.04652014-05-13
Carrock Fell and High Pike  10.05252012-04-18
Carron Crag   6.22452012-10-17
Castle Crag - Borrowdale  4.52142013-01-18
Castlehead Viewpoint from the Moot Hall, Keswick  4.2962015-02-03
Castlerigg Stone Circle  0.002012-03-22
Catbells  6.05002012-03-28
Catbells and the Newlands valley  5.23112015-03-18
Catbells, Maiden Moor, High Spy - A Half Newlands  16.07502012-06-14
Causey Pike and Scar Crag  8.36092013-05-26
Cockshot Point stroll from Bowness on Windermere  2.1112015-02-04
Cold Pike and Pike of Blisco  6.54862012-07-21
Coppermines Valley above Coniston  7.44112015-10-02
Crinkle Crags  12.78532013-04-30
Cumbria Way - Caldbeck to Carlisle  24.91312014-06-19
Cumbria Way - Coniston to Dungeon Ghyll  18.14142014-06-14
Cumbria Way - Dungeon Ghyll to Keswick  27.46282014-06-15
Cumbria Way - Keswick to Caldbeck  24.38202014-06-17
Cumbria Way - Ulverston to Coniston  26.25562014-06-06
Dock Tarn, Great Crag, and Watendlath, from Rosthwaite  9.74542013-06-30
Dow Crag and Goats Water  10.55742012-01-16
Dunmallet   1.51502012-02-17
Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag and Ullscarf  14.77772014-03-30
Easedale Tarn  8.52432012-07-22
Easedale Tarn, Codale Tarn, and Tarn Crag  13.05102012-08-21
Ennerdale Water  11.7852013-03-12
Faulds Brow and The Howk from Caldbeck  7.51802014-02-24
Fellbarrow from Thackthwaite, Lorton Vale  7.74452014-03-29
Fleetwith Pike via Fleetwith Edge  7.45892016-06-30
Force Crag Mine  7.41432015-03-17
Gavel Fell and Blake Fell from Maggie's Bridge, Loweswater  9.95582014-05-14
Glenridding Dodd  5.03302012-12-10
Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike and Sheffield Pike  9.26112013-05-16
Grasmere and Rydal Water  9.01902012-08-15
Grasmoor via Lad Howes ridge  12.29662016-10-09
Graystones, Broom Fell, and Lord's Seat  10.75202013-04-27
Great Borne and Starling Dodd above Ennerdale  12.47262014-07-15
Great Calva and Knott from Mosedale  12.05772013-09-22
Great Carrs and Grey Friar  7.55082013-11-10
Great End, Scafell Pike, and Lingmell: a roundabout journey  15.411072013-07-08
Great How  4.72272013-01-17
Great Mell Fell  3.52702012-12-09
Green Crag from the Birker Fell road  6.63162014-09-18
Greenside Mine and Glenridding Beck Circular Stroll  5.52192013-01-13
Grey Crag, Harrop Pike, and Tarn Crag above Longsleddale  11.35492014-09-14
Grey Knotts and Brandreth circular from Honister  7.64642013-07-01
Grike, Crag Fell, Lank Rigg  13.56072014-09-04
Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head  13.08752013-05-17
Grisedale Tarn  4.03902012-03-13
Hallin Fell  2.01602012-02-18
Hard Knott Roman Fort  1.0202012-09-01
Harter Fell  6.05302012-02-19
Harter Fell (Eskdale)  7.05302012-09-02
Haystacks  8.06002012-03-29
Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike  11.07502012-03-29
Helm Crag  6.43412012-08-17
Helvellyn round from Thirlmere  15.011002012-03-13
Helvellyn, The Classic Ridges of Striding and Swirral Edge  14.19002015-06-11
Hen Comb from Loweswater village  9.74272014-05-12
Heughscar Hill from Roehead, Pooley Bridge  5.11602014-02-10
High Raise, Sergeant Man, and Blea Rigg from Langdale  12.68382013-07-05
High Rigg, Naddle Fell, and Wren Crag  8.93442013-01-16
High Street (Racecourse Hill), and a few friends, from Mardale Head  13.08002012-03-25
High Sweden Bridge Circular  5.12262013-04-18
High Tove and Armboth Fell from Thirlmere  6.63582013-06-20
Hugil Fell and Reston Scar above Staveley  4.11872014-03-26
Illgill Head and Whin Rigg  15.86742013-06-26
Kirk Fell and Great Gable  13.210822013-06-24
Knott Rigg and Ard Crags  5.63682013-05-29
Lanthwaite Wood and Crummock Water  3.7912015-03-24
Lanty's Tarn, Birkhouse Moor, Red Tarn, Catstycam   13.47562013-11-17
Lanty's Tarn, Keldas, and Patterdale Circular  4.31702013-01-13
Latrigg: a short stroll  2.01002012-03-01
Latterbarrow from Hawkshead  7.42302015-03-25
Lily Tarn above Ambleside  5.42192015-03-15
Ling Fell  2.71812013-04-23
Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike  6.65022013-03-19
Little and Great Sca Fells, Meal Fell, and Great Cockup  10.95882013-09-26
Little Mell Fell  1.31202012-12-09
Lodore Falls, Watendlath, Grange Fell, and the Bowder Stone circular  12.8487
Longlands, Lowthwaite, and Brae Fells  7.34502013-09-23
Lonscale Fell via Burnt Horse Ridge  10.06502012-03-27
Loughrigg Fell from Ambleside  10.43682013-03-21
Loughrigg Fell from Rydal  6.53602012-03-14
Loughrigg Fell from White Moss  4.92732013-04-14
Loughrigg Tarn  11.73432013-03-16
Low and High Dam, Finsthwaite  3.11032015-07-10
Mellbreak and Scale Force  11.06002012-09-22
Middle Fell, Seatallan, Buckbarrow - a Greendale round  8.57202014-02-28
Millican Dalton's Cave - Castle Crag, Borrowdale  6.52952015-03-19
Misty Skiddaw  10.16992012-03-15
Moss Eccles Tarn and Claife Heights   8.22472015-03-27
Moss Force on Newlands Hause  0.4342013-05-29
Nab Scar and Alcock Tarn  8.04502012-08-18
Orrest Head - the view that changed a young man's life  4.31522014-02-19
Pasture Beck Round, from Hartsop  10.48362014-03-10
Place Fell and a stroll alongside Ullswater   12.17382016-07-06
Rannerdale Knotts  5.22832013-03-10
Raven Crag and Castle Crag beside Thirlmere  2.42972022-07-11
Red Bank from White Moss near Ambleside  3.71012013-04-14
Red Screes and Middle Dodd from Ambleside  14.28062013-04-19
Red Screes from Kirkstone Pass  2.53362015-06-07
Rest Dodd and The Nab  14.48052014-03-11
Robinson and Hindscarth from Little Town  11.37952015-10-18
Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head - A Half Newlands  14.58502012-06-17
Rossett Pike, Angle Tarn, Esk Pike and Bowfell  15.010352012-09-26
Sale Fell  3.42152013-04-23
Scafell Pike - The Easy Way  9.48992013-06-04
Scafell Pike and Scafell via Foxes Tarn  9.811432013-07-10
Scafell Pike circular via Mickledore  12.69652022-09-29
Scafell Pike from Seathwaite via the Corridor Route  15.29702014-05-03
Scafell Pike via Mickledore  8.49012013-06-04
Scafell Pike via the Corridor Route from Wasdale  12.29442014-04-02
Seat Sandal  7.06302012-10-20
Silver How  5.03252012-08-16
Skiddaw - Dodd  7.04502012-06-09
Skiddaw Shepherd's Memorial  1.0252012-03-22
Skinny Dipping in Blackmoss Pot  7.02002012-09-10
Slight Side from Wha House, Eskdale  9.96732014-09-19
Sour Howes and Sallows  8.74522013-09-04
Souther Fell  8.03402012-04-17
St Sunday Crag and Grisedale Tarn   14.67482014-09-06
Steel Edge and Wetherlam Edge, from Tilberthwaite  7.56532015-10-08
Steel Fell, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott and Helm Crag  14.07102012-10-14
Steel Knotts - Pikeawassa  4.03502012-02-18
Steeple, Scoat Fell, Haycock, and Caw Fell from Ennerdale  17.910342014-09-02
Stockghyll Force - Ambleside  1.4862013-02-07
Stone Arthur, Great Rigg, Heron Pike and Nab Scar  12.58002012-08-20
Tarn Hows from Coniston  10.02502012-09-03
Tarn Hows, Black Fell, Holme Fell  13.15622013-05-21
The Buttermere Edge  13.59452012-10-21
The Coledale Horseshoe  15.011782015-07-14
The Dodds and Clough Head, via Sticks Pass and St John's in the Vale  20.010362013-05-19
The Dovedale Round: Hartsop above How, Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd  11.68292014-07-17
The Fairfield Horseshoe  16.410802012-09-28
The Glaramara Wainwrights  16.59422014-09-12
The Grasmoor Six Wainwright Fells  17.012252013-05-25
The Kentmere Horseshoe  20.710852014-09-09
The Langdale Pikes: Pavey Ark, Thunacar Knott, Pike of Stickle, Harrison Stickle  9.18692012-09-06
The National Trust Centenary Stone from Keswick  6.1292015-02-02
The Old Keswick Railway Line and Latrigg  9.53442022-07-11
The Old Man of Coniston  6.06002012-01-17
The Old Man of Coniston, Brim Fell, Swirl How, Wetherlam  15.09352012-09-04
The Old Man of Coniston, from Coniston village  9.17732015-10-01
To Force Crag Mine - a Coledale Low Round  9.13002012-11-30
Troutbeck Tongue  12.53692013-09-03
Ullock Pike, Longside Edge, Carl Side  10.07002012-06-10
Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell from Great Wood  9.05742013-09-18
Walla Crag and the Great Wood  4.72832013-02-09
Walna Scar, White Maiden, White Pike, with a visit to Blind Tarn  11.05452012-09-05
Wansfell Pike, Troutbeck, and Skelghyll Wood  10.75762013-04-25
Wansfell, and Wansfell Pike  7.64902013-02-08
Watch Hill outside Cockermouth  6.01932014-03-27
Waterfalls and the Cathedral Cavern, from Elterwater  12.53662013-02-15
Wetherlam, via Lad Stones ridge and Black Sails  12.27862015-10-04
Whinlatter  6.52802012-12-11
Whinlatter Forest - Heavy Sides Walk  2.81302012-06-16
Whitbarrow Scar and Lord's Seat  10.93042014-03-05
White Side and Raise, from Glenridding  13.77762014-05-18
Whitewater Dash - Dash Falls  6.52252012-06-15
Words In The Woods  3.01002012-06-16
Yewbarrow  6.75922013-06-05

WalkLakes recognises that hill walking, or walking in the mountains, is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.